We have two sets of teachers every week to help you progress in your West Coast Swing.  Below is the outline of the various classes - we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!!

Introduction and Welcome to WCS (6:00pm – 6:45pm)

This class is designed for anyone new to WCS, or for returning WCS dancers. Each week students will learn the following 6 count patterns:

- Left Side Pass

- Sugar Push

- Right Side Pass (underarm turn)


Foundation Building - The Keys to Great Dancing! (6:00pm – 6:45 pm)

This class is designed for those who are familiar with the basics and for those wanting to improve the look and feel of their WCS. This class will outline good pattern structure and techniques which will help the dancer move with ease and confidence. The class will focus on techniques and core concepts which include the following:

- Lead/Follow Skills

- Posture & Frame

- Rhythm & Timing

- Compression & Leverage

- Whip Timing & Connection


Contemporary Patterns and Advanced Concepts (6:45pm – 7:30pm)

This class is designed for dancers who have demonstrated the ability to dance the fundamental patterns of WCS utilizing proper timing, rhythm and good lead/follow techniques. This class will focus on the popular WCS patterns which include the following:

- Spins & Turns

- Contemporary Side Pass and Whip Variations

- Advanced Lead Follow Connection

- Capes, Fold and Wraps

- Advanced Styles of Whips (tomahawk, hustle, reverse whip & more)

- Anchor Variations

- Pattern Extensions


Competitive Edge - for WCS Competition Dancers  (6:45pm – 7:30pm)

This class is for dancers who are going to WCS events, dancing WCS multiple times a week and taking regularly scheduled private coaching lessons.  This class is designed to really challenge the seasoned WCS dancer.   



-Competitive use of connection to create movement

-Competitive Lead / Follow - The WCS Conversation

-Footwork Variations (single, double & triple rhythms)

-Timing Changes & Syncopations

-Double and multiple inside/outside turns